About Us

Thank you for your interest in De Osu Shoes and Faro Footwear.   From our start in 1982, our company philosophy has always been to offer the most wonderful shoes possible, using the best components and the most skilled shoe makers.    Design and manufacturing decisions are always based on maintaining the highest standards of  material quality, fit, function, wearability and style over economical considerations.    

Our shoes are still entirely produced in small, family run factories in Spain.  We offer a unique, artisan-crafted product, increasingly rare in an era of mass production.  Our styles combine classic European looks with an eye towards American fit and fashion preferences.

For parents, you can be assured that your child's shoes are designed for comfort and good fit in additional to being a beautiful product.   And that they were made by people who take great pride in creating them, from the hand cutting to the final finishing of the shoe. 


For retailers, De Osu and Faro still offer "short” run production, allowing for unique and special styles and opportunity to custom design the perfect product for your store's merchandise mix and customer base, a true "limited edition."